A mother full of hopes, faith and believe. That is what Great Autism Recovery is going to pass on to you. Supermaa is an Autism counselor. Volunteering with the families in need of help and guidance. A mother who has gone through the pain . She has tried and tested methods that deliver desired results. A mother and a counselor who will help you for treating Autism. Supermaa holds a great emphasis on research, facts and data. We have invented techniques to help recover from Autism.

We are not showing our face in public. We will ‘only’ show our face if our child wants us to. Currently, our kid is not ready to face the world with the issues we have dealt with. We respect our kid’s decision. Whenever, the time comes and our child will be ready to face the world, we will be in full support. At the same time, as parents we have discovered a lot of combination of therapies working along with a MAPs doctor for our child. We want to help parents figure out the things that worked for us might work for their child too.

Many times parents aren’t aware of therapies and treatments that could help their child and there is no ‘one’ place where you can find complete resources. We are not doctors, but we are well informed parents who want to help other families in similar situation. We did not have any guidance when we first discovered Autism and it was terrible for us to find answers to everything, so Great Autism recovery is our effort to help those families and guide them who are looking for help. We are based in the United States of America. We respect your concerns, and if you respect our privacy then we can move along together.