Why it is Important to have a Dog?

Dog- A Man’s best friend. It’s true in every sense. Having a pet dog in the family changes everything forever. The benefits of having a dog are countless. There are no questions asked on the loyalty of a dog.


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“I am suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when he doesn’t like a person.”- Bill Murray, An American Actor.

This is so true. A dog’s instincts are undeniably perfect. It is important for every family to have a dog and even more important if there are kids or people with Autism, ADD, ADHD, Neurological problems, Seizures, Speech delays, Anxiety, Bipolar or any other disability/mental illness.


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Benefits of having a dog in the family:

  • You will always have a Best friend forever
  • Overall dogs bring in a very happy vibe around them
  • Unconditional love
  • Safety and security
  • Unconditional acceptance – people with special needs need to be accepted unconditionally. Dogs can do that without a slightest doubt
  • Sleeping with your dog gives you and your dog a very peaceful sleep
  • Dogs are very good listeners, it really helps kids or people with speech delays
  • Brings down seizures -Dogs can sense a tensed situation so they can help calm kids or people with seizures even before they get them
  • Helps calming down hyperactivity in kids and people
  • There will never a down moment in the house if there is a dog
  • You will always have a loyal companion
  • Dogs brings down anxiety levels
  • Brings down repetitive actions (stimming)
  • This list is never ending

Most importantly if you have a girl especially a teenager, having her accompanied by a dog like a service dog or an emotional assistance, is going to be the best thing ever. Because no one can ever touch your girl inappropriately. The dog will chew up on that person, be it her teacher, family, friend or neighbor. Always, always and always trust your dog’s instincts


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I am all in for adopting a dog rather than buying but if you have a disability or a mental illness in the house then it is better to buy. Let’s be a little realistic in this scenario, considering the needs of your special child or that special person and after a lot of research and experience I have come to this conclusion. The reasons for buying a dog are listed below:

  • A lot of times shelter dogs are abandoned dogs or tortured dogs.
  • More than half of them have gone through some or the other sickness or illness
  • Many have social-emotional or neurological issues
  • Anxiety disorders
  • You already have someone with a lot of special needs; it becomes difficult to take care of the needs of the dog at the same time
  • Also consider the expenses behind a sick dog and a child with special need

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On the other hand, well all breed of dogs are good. But for me, the pure bred Labrador retriever tops the chart followed by Golden Retriever and German Shepard. I just love labs to the core. It’s a personal choice. Here are the benefits of having a lab/dog.

  • Labradors are the most intelligent breed of dogs among all
  • No dog can beat the temperament of a lab
  • Worldwide labs are highly used as a therapy or a service dog
  • They have a very good memory as compared to other breeds
  • They can best handle the person with any kind of a disability
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Also look up on YouTube, for therapy dogs and kids. What are you waiting for? If you don’t have a dog already then go ahead and get one without any second thoughts. You will thank The Great Autism Recovery all your life, if you do follow this advice. The benefits are countless. Having a dog is a blessing. All the things mentioned above in this article are really doable. You will see a lot of changes when you put these things in consideration and act upon it. It is definitely a lot of hard work but trust me this hard work pays off really well.

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Spread this message by sharing it as much as possible to help. Tag a friend, someone you know or a family member who is looking for answers. Let’s give some hope and positivity to parents and people who really need it at this point of time. Follow us and stay updated. I am providing a step-by-step guide to complete recovery from ASD, Neurological Problems or any other developmental delays or at least getting very close to recovery. Stay tuned for more and more valuable information.

If you want more information, guidance, treatment options and counseling, we provide services for the same. It is designed to suit every family or person in trouble with ASD. You can email and get in touch with us for more services.



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