Revealed: Techniques for developing brains, gross and fine motor skills

Typically when a brain is developing it is automatically trained to co-ordinate with your hands, legs, eyes and all the other body parts. This is a natural process. Unfortunately, it is not the same for everyone. Some excel and some people struggle really hard to cope-up with the natural norms. Some people can aim an arrow with a bow even with closed eyes and some people cannot even coordinate to hold a spoon with eyes wide opened.

I will be providing a few solutions to help develop the brains in kids and people developing typically as well as people or kids with ASD, ADD, ADHD, Neurological problems, developmental delays and sensory issues.

I have mentioned in my earlier articles about Eliminating the Toxins and then Hacks for solving sensory issues followed by the Importance of Essential Oils and body massages. If you keep adding these changes in your life or the person who is having ASD, ADD, ADHD, neurological issues or any developmental delays, there is sure shot improvement.

Some people are very sharp at what they do and keep excelling by constantly polishing their skill sets. Here are some activities that you can incorporate in your lifestyle for a healthy life and overall brain and body development. All kinds of physical activities help in some or the other way, but the activities listed below are the top rated and considered as the most beneficial for almost everyone.


  • Helps develop the brains
  • Helps hand-eye coordination better
  • Helps sensory balancing
  • Helps to sleep better
  • Helps to calm hyperactivity
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Improves weight management
  • Helps to eat better
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  • There isn’t any health problem that yoga cannot solve
  • Helps to develop the brains
  • Improves concentration skills
  • Brings in stability especially in hyperactive people – both mentally and physically
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Increases the muscle strength and tones the body
  • Helps to eat better
  • Improves respiration and energy levels
  • Helps to sleep better
  • Improves the metabolism
  • Helps with sensory balancing
  • Improves Memory

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Martial Arts / Gymnastics

  • Helps with hand eye co-ordination
  • Helps to develop the brains
  • Improves concentration drastically
  • Helps to sleep better
  • Improves gross and fine motor skills
  • Increases memory skills
  • Makes the mind very sharp and alert

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A lot of videos are available on Youtube for free. There should be no excuses for following these things. All the things mentioned above in this article are really doable. You will see a lot of changes when you put these things in consideration and act upon it. It is definitely a lot of hard work but trust me this hard work pays off really well.

Spread this message by sharing it as much as possible to help. Tag a friend, someone you know or a family member who is looking for answers. Let’s give some hope and positivity to parents and people who really need it at this point of time. Follow us and stay updated. I am providing a step-by-step guide to complete recovery from ASD, Neurological Problems or any other developmental delays or at least getting very close to recovery in my subsequent write-ups.

If you want more information, guidance, treatment options and counseling, we provide services for the same. It is designed to suit every family or person in trouble with ASD. You can email and get in touch with us for more services.



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