Hacks for solving Sensory Issues

Are you struggling with sensory issues, bath time and brushing of teeth?

After the 1st step towards the Great Autism Recovery here is the second step provided below. Going organic and following the detox method provided in the 1st step tagged along with the hacks provided below will give great results.

Sensory Issues are sometimes called as sensory processing disorder or SPD, these issues happen because the brain has trouble organizing information from the senses. Children and people with sensory processing issues can be over sensitive to sights, sounds, textures, flavors, smells and other sensory input. Oftentimes it is observed that people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, SPD will tag along with it. Many times they are interrelated.

Sensitivity of this issue can be best explained in this way, imagine yourself being at the busiest airport, train station or being stuck in a traffic jam in a metro city. It is so loud that most of us get headaches and it makes us feel over loaded with the noises around us. So for a person that is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder or Sensory Processing Disorder even your living room is an airport or a train station for them. It might look very calming to you but for the person with ASD or SPD the brains does not support them to filter out the lowest of sounds in their surroundings.

Another example when you go to a grocery store there are sounds of air conditioning or heaters, music going on, some advertisements or announcements running in the background, constant chattering of the people, different smells of people passing by, kids crying, noises of loading/unloading, cars coming and going in the parking lot. Our brains are designed to filter these sounds, smells and it doesn’t bother us most of the times. For people with ASD or SPD it is an overload, they hear all the sounds with the same frequency and intensity. Many times a car passing by, a water shower running, mother talking or a dog barking they cannot differentiate in the frequencies of the sounds all appear to be equally disturbing for them.

When you get ulcers in your mouth, or have sores try to remember how difficult it is to even bear a touch of water while drinking and swallowing. How our mouths are sensitive at those times? Now ASD and SPD feel the same amount of sensitivity a lot of times in their mouths. Hence, there is no point in expecting them to eat what you put in their plates.

It is the same with food, textures, touch and temperatures. They cannot process any of this with ease due to the toxins present in their bodies or a leaky gut and that is why we see them running away or disliking those activities. And that is why all the meltdowns, crying, whining, kicking, biting, self-harming and destructive behaviors. It is difficult for them to process everything, put it into words, express it and equally difficult for us to understand it without them telling us. The people dealing with ASD are truly struggling a lot more than you know/understand within their own bodies.

Even for people who grow typically, you remember the sound of the nails screeching on a blackboard or steel forks/knives being brushed against plates and with some people it is even difficult to bear the sound of a nail cutter cutting nails. You remember how irritating it is. This is how irritating even the normal sounds are for ASD or SPD most of the times.

Here are some simple hacks you can do to help them. All of these hacks have been tried and tested. They have given fabulous results if done regularly.

  • Vibrating/massaging teether, this will give some kind of sensory stimulation and eventually help to reduce the sensitivity. Initially they will resist but day-by-day they will start to accept it. Twice a day for 5-10 minutes. Over time this will also help to reduce the sensitivity towards foods and temperatures. After a couple of months of regular therapy you will see him eat better

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  • Usage of vibrating/sonic toothbrush, again vibrating toothbrushes will give a sensory stimulation leading to reducing sensitivity. Again this will help them to eat and chew better.
vibrating toothbrush

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  • Tongue cleaners/scrapper – this is very important in helping reduce the sensitivity issues, develop taste buds better and helping to eat well over time.
Woman Using Tongue Cleaner

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  • Don’t force to chew and eat a lot of different foods. Use tricks like making purees, smoothies, soups, home-made fresh juices (without adding extra sugar) to drink and eat. The texture of the food is very important. Because there is a lot of sensory problem the smoother the texture of the food the easier for them to eat, drink and swallow.

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  • This will help to keep the nutrition level high, detoxify the body and make meal times easier. Above all it will be easier for the person diagnosed with these problems, because it will help them to eat regardless of these problems. Keeping the nutritional value high in turn helping their craving brains to get the essential vitamins and minerals to grow. It is ok if you have to feed them with a spoon for a few months, you will definitely see results.

If the person is not ready to use these things don’t force him/her to use. Get the same things for yourself too and use it in front of him. Show him how much easy and fun it is to use this brush or clean your tongue. It will take a couple of days for you to convince but keep trying it everyday to convince him/her. Eventually he will give in. If your child doesn’t still try then it is completely Ok to hold his/her hand and make him try for a couple of times until the comfort zone is established. You are trying to help and sometimes if you become the villain by making him do things he doesn’t like but will ultimately lead to relax him then it is fine. Don’t be guilty. When we give a badly smelling pill or an injection to a sick child, we know they are not going to like it but still do because in the end it is good for them. So the same logic applies here.

Hacks for Bath time Issue:

  • Always use warm/hot water for bathing. This will send a relaxing wave into the body, thus helping calm the sensory. The best time to give a bath is before bedtime.

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  • Do not take them for showers, as of now many are not capable to take that kind of an input. Ultimately they will but not now. Get a bucket and mug for bathing or a tub bath.
bucket and jug

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  • Epsom Salt bath in a tub 1-2 times a week before bedtime. If you don’t have a tub then soak the salts for a few minutes in a bucket of water and use it for bathing. This is one of the top rated detoxification methods.
Epsom salt bath soak

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All the things mentioned above in this article are really doable. You will see a lot of changes when you put these things in consideration and act upon it. It is definitely a lot of hard work but trust me this hard work pays off really well.

Spread this message by sharing it as much as possible to help. Tag a friend, someone you know or a family member who is looking for answers. Let’s give some hope and positivity to parents and people who really need it at this point of time. Follow us and stay updated. I will be providing a step-by-step guide to complete recovery from ASD or at least getting very close to recovery in my subsequent write-ups.

If you want more information, guidance, treatment options and counseling, we provide services for the same. It is designed to suit every family or person in trouble with ASD. You can email and get in touch with us for more services.



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