Shocking Revelation: Why I followed Mommy Instincts and Took Medicine in my Hands?


This is a real story of a determined mother to help her child recover. In my earlier write-up about confessions of a selfish mother, I have stated that we went through a hell just to learn about what issues were going on with our child. We went from one pediatrician to another, from one specialist to another and from one hospital to another. We encountered a Gastrointestinal Pediatrician who was so stuck on Celiac disease that he wasn’t even listening to what I was trying to convey or the reason why I went to see him. We were disappointed with the whole medical system and the process that came along with it. It felt like we were the ‘crazy ones’ and may be there wasn’t anything wrong with our child. While no one could figure out what it was, so we thought there wasn’t any medical problem. We didn’t get any answers or help from anyone but for sure they swept our pockets. We left the topic for 6 months but the situation at home started worsening day by day.

Most doctors that I went to weren’t able to give us any solution. In the process we learnt a few important life lessons, which we wish we knew earlier.

  • All doctors are not knowledgeable, they have somehow managed a medical degree but their overall understanding level is extremely limited
  • Many doctors don’t have any idea of what is happening in the medical field beyond their subject of practice
  • You don’t need to follow everything your doctor says
  • Know all the pro’s and con’s of any medication or injection that is prescribed to you
  • Research everything thoroughly before letting it enter your or your child’s body
  • Never follow all doctor’s blindly though some doctors are terrific, they know what they are doing but many are just experimenting on you
  • Follow a doctor faithfully only if you trust him/her completely and have gotten results

Moving forward, anyhow with great efforts we got to finally learn that our son was diagnosed with red flags of Autism. As we researched on the symptoms we understood that our child was doing exactly the same things as an Autistic child does without having to teach him all that or seeing anyone do those things. We didn’t even need an official medical diagnosis, it was confirmed right in front of our eyes with the traits our child was possessing. However, we registered with the Children’s hospital for an official diagnosis. We were on the waiting list of 6 months and in reality we got a call after 9 months of registering with the hospital ‘only’ for a diagnosis.

I took my child for a playdate and saw an autistic child. The mother of the autistic child was in tears. She was just sitting there, watching other kids play with each other and her child just sitting- spinning wheels of a stroller, completely nonverbal, had lost the skills of walking, inability to express emotions, screaming, shouting, crying, in great pain, hurting himself and others with severe meltdowns. My heart went out for the mother and the child going through such an emotional turbulence.

Again I went to my child’s pediatrician if they could tell me if there was a cure for Autism. Repeatedly, I faced disappointment. They did not even point out if there was an alternative medicine that I could try if it helped or anything as such. All my efforts were wasted going to doctors and emptying my pockets. Mainstream Pediatrician did not recommend any treatment or doctors that offered treatments. I didn’t want a life of disability and pain for my child under any given condition. Above all of this, my baby trying to communicate and the brains didn’t support, trying to eat but the hands couldn’t co-ordinate and all those simple everyday tasks that anyone can do with ease but my child couldn’t.

As I was getting turned down each time I went to a mainstream doctor for help, time was running out and the severity of my child’s condition was increasing, I finally decided to follow my mommy instincts and take medicine in my hands. I started researching on cures and treatments if at all that was discovered. Studied papers, books and researches to understand the issues that came along. Stayed awake for days and nights just studying and studying. One by one I started to put my researches into actions and noticed that results started coming. In this whole journey I discovered many therapies that helped my kid to get relief. In the process, I started to volunteer to help families in need. And they also got unbelievable results.


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So, I call out to you, all the mothers, parents and everyone who wants to help the person diagnosed with ASD then you will also have to become your own doctor. When we say we want to treat Autism, we mean we want to help the person get some relief from the pain, from the hurt and be independent. It might sound too good to be true and yes it is true but not easy.

On an ending note, as a child if I fractured my leg, was under great pain, couldn’t walk-run-dance–play with a fractured leg and if my mother wished for me to never have fractured my leg or couldn’t see me in pain and wanted to treat my leg. Then does that mean my mother didn’t accept me, my fracture or wanted to change me the way I was? ‘No’ she just wanted the best for me, wished that I didn’t have to go through that pain and help me treat my fracture. Because it’s not a disease, it’s an injury and you have to treat it to recover from it. Even with Autism, scientifically it is proven that the gut has been injured which causes the brain to dysfunction. If you treat it correctly then there are very high chances to recover from it.

Spread this message by sharing it as much as possible to bring awareness that Autism is a medical condition related to the gut and is treatable. Tag a friend, someone you know or a family member who is looking for answers. Let’s give some hope and positivity to parents and people who really need it at this point of time. Follow us and stay updated. I will be providing a step-by-step guide to complete recovery from ASD or at least getting very close to recovery in my subsequent write-ups.

If you want more information, guidance, treatment options and counseling, we provide services for the same. It is designed to suit every family or person in trouble with ASD. You can email and get in touch with us for more services.



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  1. I salute your spirit momma


  2. What a great mother and what a great story!

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