01 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

This probably would be one of the most difficult times of your life as you might have recently discovered that your loved one has been diagnosed with ASD. Or may be someone you know is going through this pain and you want to just help him or her. Or there might be some other reason for you to come to this space searching for some answers or increase your knowledge on this subject. Whatever your reasons are, if your loved one is suffering then yes, I believe it is one of the most painful times of your life with a lot of questions running in your mind. A lot of tears, sleepless nights, anxiety and depression must be clouding your mind right now. Let me pen down a few questions that must be hovering you at the moment, like what is ASD? Is it curable? Will the person with this kind of diagnosis ever become independent?


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Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a wide spectrum disorder because every person who is diagnosed with it might not have the same kind of symptoms. Every kid or person with ASD is unique with different kinds of abilities and disabilities. That is the reason why; it is known as the spectrum disorder. Though every child or person is unique yet there are few things common in him or her depending on the severity.

  • Stimming, it is a repetitive action of something like spinning of wheels, coins, turning the cars, toys, suitcase, strollers upside down to spin the wheels, and almost anything they can lay their hands on
  • Flapping of hands, or opening their arms like about to take off and then spinning
  • Lots of jumping or climbing over furniture
  • Hyper activity
  • No or very little eye contact.
  • Very less communication and in many cases no words just crying, whining, tantrums, throwing things or seizures as the form of communication.
  • Attention deficit or no attention at all
  • Very less or sometimes no expressive language or emotions
  • Very less sleep and waking up in the middle of the night as if it is morning
  • Preference for just a few foods and sometimes not even a single preference for any kind of food
  • Feeding disorders
  • Over sensitivity to temperature, touch, crowd, sound, texture or smell
  • Sometimes talking only about a particular topic all the time

I have just listed a few of the most common ones. Like mentioned earlier it is a very wide spectrum with different people exhibiting different symptoms. Above, I have just mentioned some of the physical attributes, now let’s try to understand it in a scientific way, the internal aspect. Let us see what happens in the body of a person diagnosed with ASD.

ASD is also scientifically associated to “leaky gut syndrome.” Most of the people who are diagnosed with Autism have a leaky gut. Getting deeper into the meaning of a leaky gut; all our bodies have been designed to break down the foods that we eat. It is such a natural process that when we eat any sort of food we can easily chew, swallow, break down the nutrient components and then finally excrete it out, hardly even realizing the whole process it goes through.

In people with ASD it doesn’t happen the same way. First of all most of them encounter quite a number of sensory issues with the temperature, texture, smell and the taste of food. Crossing that difficulty they come across the next step, which is chewing and swallowing. Sometimes their taste buds are so sensitive that even the mildest smell, texture or temperature could be unbearable to them and sometimes they can easily eat raw garlic without any difficulty. They are consistently inconsistent.

If anyhow you manage to get food down the throat, then there comes a major challenge. In a layman’s term normally when we eat any type of food, our gut has the enzymes to breakdown the complex proteins, fats or carbohydrates and then it is processed to various parts of the body. It mixes with your blood goes into your brains and the unwanted stuff in thrown out. Unfortunately, with ASD this is not the case. Their gut does not have the ability to break down the complex proteins that we get especially from gluten and dairy. So when the unbroken proteins or we can say when complex proteins mix with the blood and enter the brain in its original form it creates the effect of “Brain Fog.” It is very similar to the effect on your brain when you intake marijuana or are under the effect of some kind of alcohol. Basically, it is as if you are drugged and are on a high. Typically when we are on a high, it is a good-happy feeling for once in a while. It is a time when you hardly know how you are acting or remember anything that you have been doing. Sadly, it is not a good-happy feeling in people with ASD. They are on a painful high all the time, obviously that is the reason why they don’t remember much or don’t have much language.

Because they are unable to process the foods that they are eating, they flush it out too soon. Their bodies and brains are craving the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to grow. Thus resulting into all the developmental and neurological delays.

Another important factor to look into is the sugar intake. There is a type of yeast that grows in our body, which is called “Candida.” Now, this candida survives only on sugar. The function of candida is to weaken the digestive track resulting into indigestion, bloating, gas, inflammation, diarrhea etc. The people with ASD already have issues with breaking down the foods that they eat and now due to sugar it creates more issues with digestion.

Most of the time the people with ASD have all of the things mentioned above happening at the same time. Brains and bodies craving for nutrients, body aches due to lack of essential vitamins, headaches, stomach aches, inflation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, painful bowels and what not. I have tried to explain it in the simplest terms possible. I will be providing a step-by-step guide to complete recovery from ASD or at least getting very close to recovery in my subsequent blogs.

Spread the message by sharing it as much as possible. Tag a friend or family member you know is facing this problem to help them understand and have a better point of view.

If you want more information, guidance and counseling, then we provide services for the same. It is designed to suit every family or person in trouble with ASD. You can email and get in touch with us for more services.


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